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Senior Lecturer

Dr Sarah Berry

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Sarah Berry is a senior lecturer in Nutritional Sciences. Her research interests relate to the influence of dietary components on cardiometabolic disease risk, with particular focus on postprandial metabolism and vascular dysfunction. Since commencing her research career at King’s College London in 2000, she has been the academic leader for more than 30 human nutrition studies in cardio-metabolic health.

Sarah’s ongoing research involves human and mechanistic studies to elucidate how markers of cardiometabolic health can be modulated following acute and chronic intakes of different fatty acids and interesterified fats, as well as studies to investigate the influence of cell wall integrity on macronutrient and micronutrient release from different plant-based foods.

Sarah is also the lead nutritional scientist on an ongoing series of postprandial metabolic studies in the Department of Twin Research, assessing the genetic, metabolic, metagenomic, and meal-dependent effects on postprandial metabolic responses.

Research Group

  1. Aseel Alkoblan (PhD student)
  2. Vita Dikaryanto (PhD student)
  3. Maria D'Annibale (Research assistant)
  4. Dr Pippa Gibson (Research associate)
  5. Dr Haya Al-Khatib (Research associate)