Laboratory Manager

Gabriela Surdulescu

+44 (0) 207 188 6751

Gabriela oversees TwinsUK’s laboratory work and manages the laboratory team. TwinsUK has a vast biorepository of more than 500,000 twin and non-twin biological samples. Gabriela coordinates all aspects of sample biorepository management: collection, storage, availability, database queries, maintaining adequate supplies, bespoke retrievals, deliveries, data transfer, database reconciliation, liaison with research collaborators. Gabriela also ensures TwinsUK meets all ethical and regulatory standards.

Gabriela has been with TwinsUK since the start in 1992. She sits on TwinsUK’s governance group TREC to ensure that access to our vast range of samples such as DNA, serum, plasma, urine, biopsies, hair and nails, amongst others, is managed effectively.