There are plenty of ways to get involved and support us by either helping to raise funds for our TwinsUK research, by donating a gift or just volunteering your time.

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Fundraising & Donations

We are always looking to raise funds for a much needed equipment so we can further and widen our research in healthy ageing. If you would like to fundraise for us you can do this through the Chronic Disease Research Foundation (CDRF) raise money on our behalf. The CDRF is a registered UK charity which funds a wide range of gene research programmes that aim to discover the cause of common diseases of many ageing conditions.

Previously our twins have run marathons, triathlons and a number of creative activities. If you, your friends or relatives are planning a challenge please think of supporting us through the CDRF charity by emailing Eve Fehilly.


You can also make a simple one-off donation online today by clicking here. You will be asked ‘Would you like to leave a message with your donation?’ Please tick and write in “TwinsUK” to ensure these funds are allocated directly to the DTR.

Corporate Support

We welcome opportunities to partner suitable companies in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, enabling you to fund specific areas of our ageing and health research programme. If you work for a company with a CSR programme or a budget for charitable donations or are interested in sponsoring us, please email our Research Grants and Finance Manager, for further information.

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Legacy gift is an important decision that can have a positive impact while supporting our valuable work. If you would like to consider leaving money in your will to directly fund research at the Department of Twin Research, please visit the CDRF website for more information or CLICK HERE to download the CDRF codicil (a document that allows you to make small changes to your will – such as adding a legacy).

Volunteer Advisory Panel (VAP) member

In 2009 we established the twin volunteer advisory panel (VAP) to ensure that we take the opinions and views of our volunteers. Click Here to read more….

Brain Donation

Donations from research volunteers such as twins in the TwinsUK registry who have detailed research measurements are particularly valuable for brain research. The brain bank at Institute of psychiatry at King’s College London encourages donors to register their intent to donate to enable donation to take place as smoothly as possible after death. The brain bank follows best practice in ethical issues relating to informed consent, donor family care, storage of tissue and release of tissue to researchers.

For more information, please CLICK HERE to see the appropriate website.

or contact the Brain Bank team on 020 7848 0290

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