Celebrating Excellence: TwinsUK Shines at the King’s Faculty Awards 

31st July 2023 – By Aaruthy Suthahar 

We are delighted to share some exciting news about the recent awards ceremony held by the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine at King’s College London, where TwinsUK showcased its remarkable achievements and outstanding individuals and teams who have made a significant impact on research, policy, and professional services. 

Outstanding Professional Services Award – Celebrating Dr Deborah Hart 

We are thrilled to announce that our Executive Director Dr Deborah Hart has been honoured with the Outstanding Professional Services Award. This award recognizes a member of the professional services staff who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and innovative support within the Faculty. Dr Deborah Hart’s exceptional leadership of the professional services team at TwinsUK has been instrumental in the success of the cohort and numerous complex studies. Her dedication and expertise have provided invaluable guidance and support to her colleagues, making her a truly deserving recipient of this award. 

Research Impact Award – Applauding the COVID Symptom Study App Team 

Congratulations go to the COVID Symptom Study App Team for winning the Research Impact Award. Many staff from our department contributed to the setup and success of the app and subsequent research. This award honours the team who have made significant contributions to the world through their groundbreaking research. The COVID Symptom Study App Team demonstrated exceptional collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach, which proved pivotal in shaping health policy during the pandemic. Their remarkable work in identifying new symptoms, tracking disease hotspots, and characterizing Long COVID has had a profound impact on healthcare, influencing national and international guidelines, and positively affecting the local community. 

Acknowledging Other Remarkable Nominees 

We would like to extend a special mention to other individuals nominated for various awards. Christel Barnetson’s nomination in the Professional Services Research Support Award and People and Culture Award, as well as Ellen Thompson’s nomination in the Early Career Researcher Achievement Award, highlights their significant contributions and dedication to advancing research at TwinsUK. 

Sharing Our Success with TwinsUK Members 

It is with immense pride that we share this success with our twins, who have been the heart and soul of TwinsUK over the past three decades. We want you to know that this recognition is a testament to your commitment and willingness to participate in the important work that has not only impacted health research but has also played a critical role in shaping healthcare policies during the pandemic. 

Your dedication to logging symptoms on the COVID Symptom Study App, which was initially designed for twins but expanded its reach, has been incredible. Your active participation has resulted in vital contributions that have extensive implications for health research globally. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and involvement. Together, we continue to make significant strides in research and positively impact health research. 


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the individuals from TwinsUK for their contributions to the Covid Symptom Study app. 

The analytical team included TwinsUK staff Marc Osterdahl, Nathan Cheetham, Cristina Menni and Ruth Bowyer, and Darioush Yarand on the data and engineering side.  

The app also benefitted from the expertise of the clinical, nutrition, and academic team, including Emma Duncan, Sarah Berry, Mary Ni Lochlainn, and Frances Williams.  

Additionally, the governance, ethics, finance, engagement, and communications aspects were well-handled by Vicky Bowyer, Deborah Hart, Paz Garcia, Victoria Vazquez, and Christel Barnetson. 

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