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COVID-19 update

We are currently working on a number of different studies to understand the biology of COVID-19 and the body’s response, as well as the effects of the pandemic on physical and mental health.

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We aim to facilitate and encourage the sharing of TwinsUK data and samples with the world’s scientific community to promote and contribute to scientific research and generate new knowledge. Find out more by visiting our data access pages below.


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woman measuring waist with tape measure
19th Jul, 2022

Study explores how belly fat increases risk of metabolic disease

19th July 2022 - King’s College London Changes that occur in the body in response to an increase in belly...

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29th Jun, 2022

Up to one in six people with COVID-19 report long COVID symptoms

29th June 2022 - King's College London One in six (17%) middle-aged people who report being infected by SARS-CoV-2 also...

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