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COVID-19 update

We are currently working on a number of different studies to understand the biology of COVID-19 and the body’s response, as well as the effects of the pandemic on physical and mental health.

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We aim to facilitate and encourage the sharing of TwinsUK data and samples with the world’s scientific community to promote and contribute to scientific research and generate new knowledge. Find out more by visiting our data access pages below.


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person holding blood pressure monitor
13th Oct, 2021

What’s the link between gut bacteria and blood pressure in women?

13th October 2021- By Aaruthy Suthahar Women with high blood pressure have lower diversity in their gut bacteria, according to...

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two women sitting on bench facing ocean
13th Oct, 2021

How do hormones affect women’s experience of COVID-19?

13th October 2021 - By Aaruthy Suthahar Post-menopausal women have lower levels of the female sex hormone oestrogen and appear...

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