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Dame Betty Boothroyd

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Baroness Boothroyd who was a Patron of TwinsUK. We will always remember her support and patronage.

We had an interview with her in 2013, where she answered questions about which areas of research were closest to her heart, what she enjoyed most about her “twin visit”, the way her childhood influenced her and her top tips for healthy ageing.

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Betty Boothroyd and Tim Spector at TwinsUK
Baroness Boothroyd and Tim Spector at TwinsUK

TwinsUK 30th Anniversary

2022 marks 30 years of TwinsUK – a fantastic milestone made possible by our TwinsUK members’ incredible commitment to health research. Find out more about how we will celebrate our TwinsUK members below.

30th anniversary plans

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We aim to facilitate and encourage the sharing of TwinsUK data and samples with the world’s scientific community to promote and contribute to scientific research and generate new knowledge. Find out more by visiting our data access pages below.


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