TwinsUK logo with bunting above

2022 marks 30 years since the start of TwinsUK. This is a fantastic milestone, made possible by our TwinsUK members’ incredible commitment to health research.

In order to celebrate and thank our TwinsUK members, we will be putting on a series of webinars about TwinsUK in September and sending our members a little something in the post, so watch this space and your doormat!


The first few in the series are now available to watch! Learn more about our TwinsUK research on nutrition, ageing and Covid-19 on our YouTube channel HERE.

Plan your own TwinsUK activity

While it won’t be possible to hold a Twin Party as in previous years, we want to encourage our TwinsUK members to hold their own events to celebrate their contributions to TwinsUK.

We’re encouraging TwinsUK members to organise activities and meet-ups in your local areas to celebrate TwinsUK’s 30th anniversary and your outstanding contributions to health research. This is a great opportunity to meet twins in your local area and spread the word about TwinsUK.

What kind of activity can I organise? 

Anything you like! Popular activities include: 

  • Walks or hikes in a local area 
  • Coffee mornings 
  • Picnic in a park 
  • Dog meets 
  • Cycle rides 

As the aim is to celebrate TwinsUK, we’d ask that you arrange an activity that is free of charge to attend. 

For any activity, do be mindful of the weather conditions and any other considerations to ensure your activity can be enjoyed safely by everyone taking part. You may find it helpful to complete a risk assessment. 

Who can get involved? 

Anyone can organise a meet-up to celebrate TwinsUK, and friends and family are welcome to join (not just twins!). 

When should I hold my activity? 

We’re encouraging TwinsUK members to hold their events during August and September, but these can take place at any time. 

How can I organise an activity? 

  1. Choose an activity to organise and set a date 
  2. Choose a meeting point where others can join you for your activity 
  3. Choose a lead contact and provide a mobile number and email address you’re happy to share publicly so others can contact you about your activity 
  4. Consider creating a Facebook event or Whatsapp group others can join for your activity. Other ways to promote your activity include emailing your colleagues, or putting posters up in local noticeboards. 
  5. Let TwinsUK know about your activity by emailing  
  6. If you’d like us to help promote your event to our TwinsUK members, please email with your activity details above and we will post this on our website. 

On the day 

We’d love to see your activities! Post your photos on social media and tag us so we share them with all of our TwinsUK members: 

Facebook: @twinsuk 

Instagram: @twinsuk_research 

Twitter: @TwinsUKres 

Use the hashtags below so others can see your activities too: 






Where can I get TwinsUK-themed posters and decorations? 

Download a handy checklist for planning your event HERE.

Download a poster to advertise your event HERE.

Download some TwinsUK-themed bunting from HERE.