Exciting News at TwinsUK: Meet Our New Head of Department!  

28th November 2023 – by Aaruthy Suthahar

We are delighted to let you know that whilst Tim Spector continues to be the Director of TwinsUK , Professor Claire Steves is now the Head of the Department of Twin Research as well as being the Clinical Director of TwinsUK.  

About Professor Claire Steves: 

Claire is a Professor of Ageing and Health and a Consultant Geriatrician at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, has a longstanding affiliation with the department, having pursued her Ph.D. from 2009 to 2014. Her enduring commitment and expertise have significantly contributed to the department’s success. In 2016, she further elevated her role, assuming the position of Deputy Clinical Director at TwinsUK, where she continues to make impactful strides in her field.

Her expertise lies in memory loss and dementia assessment and management. Claire’s career began by caring for frail older individuals, but her curiosity led her to research. She is interested in understanding how to prevent frailty and has a diverse research portfolio, utilising population studies like TwinsUK. Claire’s work explores the unique ways each one of us ages and has identified modifiable factors to build resilience in older adults. 

Leading Through Challenges: 

Claire’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic showcased her dedication to research. She led the science behind the Zoe COVID Symptom Study app, impacting over 4 million people. Her team’s work on the implications of COVID-19 infection, especially in older adults, earned them the Dhole-Eddlestone Memorial Prize for the most impactful paper in Ageing research in 2020. 

Innovative Initiatives: 

Claire’s commitment extends beyond ageing research. She recently initiated the King’s Centre for Ageing Resilience in a Changing Environment (CARICE). This groundbreaking initiative addresses the global challenges of climate change and ageing populations, fostering resilience through inclusive, interdisciplinary research. This centre aims to assist researchers at various points in their careers by establishing a welcoming, cross-disciplinary research setting, enabling them to channel future grants towards research that promotes resilience. 

Claire has also been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Leap award, focusing on factors influencing the ageing process and our ability to bounce back in the face of challenges. 

We can’t wait for you to get to know Claire better and embark on this exciting new chapter together.  

Webinar and 5-Minute Interview: 

To get to know Claire better, we invite you to watch her webinar HERE. Additionally, we have got a 5-minute interview with Claire HERE, offering insights into her journey and aspirations. 

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