Deputy Director (Scientific)

Professor Kerrin Small

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Kerrin is a Professor at King’s College London and Deputy Director (Scientific) of the TwinsUK Resource. Her research investigates the genetic regulation of gene expression across tissues, time and environments. She has explored the relationship between genetic variants, gene expression in fat tissue and obesity-related traits and uncovered links between gene expression and type 2 diabetes.

Kerrin obtained a PhD in Genetics from Stanford University and undertook post-doctoral training in complex trait genetics at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics at the University of Oxford. She joined the Department of Twin Research in 2009 and directs transcriptomic research within TwinsUK.

Research Group

  1. Julia El-Sayed Moustafa (Research Fellow) -
  2. Amy Roberts (Research Fellow) -
  3. Max Tomlinson (PhD student) -
  4. Dongmeng Wang (PhD student) -
  5. Xinyu Yan (PhD student) -