TwinsUK Featured in ITV and BBC Documentaries on Ultra-Processed Foods 

21st November 2023 – by Aaruthy Suthahar

TwinsUK has recently been in the spotlight as our Director, Tim Spector, and TwinsUK members featured in two TV documentaries: “Ultra-Processed Food: What Are We Eating?” on ITV and “Ultra-Processed Food: A Recipe for Ill Health?” on BBC Panorama. The documentaries delved into the potential alarming effects of ultra-processed foods on our health, making waves in public discourse. 

The ITV documentary, “Ultra-Processed Food: What Are We Eating?” (available HERE), explored the types of foods commonly found on supermarket shelves and their effects on the human body. It featured our Department of Twin Research and Jo and Katie, TwinsUK members who helped to demonstrate the health implications of consuming ultra-processed foods. An experiment was arranged with the identical twins, where both had a breakfast meal with equivalent nutritional value, but one was made up of whole foods and the other of UPFs. They were observed throughout the programme to determine the duration and calorie intake required for each twin to reach a contented sense of fullness and better understand individuals’ responses to diets rich in ultra-processed foods.  

BBC Panorama’s “Ultra-Processed Food: A Recipe for Ill Health?” (available HERE) dug deeper into the potentially alarming health consequences of consuming these processed foods. Director Tim Spector shared his extensive knowledge and research findings, underscoring the role research, including TwinsUK, plays in unraveling the impact of genetics and lifestyle on health. In addition, TwinsUK members Aimee and Nancy took part in an experiment where Aimee had UPFs and Nancy had a matched diet made of whole foods for a couple of weeks, to demonstrate the effects of these diets. 

Both documentaries demonstrated the importance of our study in advancing our understanding of how our genes and environment interact, and how this interplay significantly impacts our health. We have been at the forefront of investigating the complex web of genetic and environmental factors that influence health, and these documentaries served as a valuable platform to disseminate this knowledge to the wider public. 

With the rising awareness of the detrimental effects of ultra-processed foods on health, TwinsUK’s involvement in these documentaries underscores the urgency of further research to understand the effects of ultra-processed foods to support individuals to make informed dietary choices. However, the food environment, spanning neighbourhoods, schools, and workplaces, also significantly influences individuals’ decisions about what to eat. It encompasses factors like the availability, affordability, and accessibility of food options. A nurturing food environment encourages the intake of wholesome, nutritious foods. On the other hand, an environment saturated with ultra-processed foods may contribute to less-than-optimal dietary habits, leading to concerning health issues. Recognising the broad-reaching effects of the food environment emphasizes the importance of adopting comprehensive strategies. 

As the world continues to deal with the consequences of dietary decisions, TwinsUK remains committed in its mission to uncover the unknown implications of genetics and lifestyle on our health and well-being. 

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