You Asked, We Actioned! 

26th July 2023 – By Aaruthy Suthahar 

It is important to us to foster a relationship built on mutual respect with our twins, and so the team at TwinsUK regularly reviews feedback from you after your clinic visit. Now, as we continue to collect and carefully consider feedback, TwinsUK is taking action to improve your experience when you come in for visits.  

One of the primary issues raised by the twins was regarding the clarity of directions to the TwinsUK clinic. In response, our admin team have now updated the document with clear directions, a map of the hospital, and approximate walking time from nearby stations to the department. We hope this will streamline your arrival to the clinic and reduce any confusion. 

During the feedback collection process, some twins shared their thoughts on the refreshments provided during the clinic visits, particularly following fasting periods. In response, we have taken steps to address this concern, acknowledging that light refreshments may not be sufficient for certain fasting periods. While we are not able to provide a bigger meal ourselves, we are now including a suggestion in your pre-visit information to bring lunch, for example sandwiches, to enjoy during the visit once the fasted samples have been collected. This measure aims to ensure that our participants receive enough nourishment during their time at the clinic. 

Furthermore, we are grateful for the time you give up to attend your visits and we aim to minimise waiting periods during your visit. In response to feedback regarding entertainment options, we have added a line in the visit confirmation email, encouraging you to bring a book, tablet or other form of entertainment to help pass the time comfortably. 

Additionally, we received valuable feedback from new twins about the clarity of the stool and urine collection instructions. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have made updates to the instructions, ensuring that they are more straightforward and easier to follow.  

TwinsUK remains committed to establishing an open and transparent communication channel with our volunteers, understanding that constructive feedback is key to continuous improvement. By implementing these changes based on valuable feedback, we aim to create a more enjoyable and supportive environment for all the twins coming into the clinic. Thank you very much to all the twins who have taken the time to provide feedback so far.  

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