Research Nurses and Research Assistants

From left to right: Maxine, Johanna, Ayrun, Alyce, Rachel, Alia, Sabaa and Ribeya.

Every day, during the twin visit, the team have the pleasure of interacting with twins from all over the UK and sometimes abroad, hearing stories, laughing together and enjoying getting to know each other. In Alyces’ words: “It’s great to meet so many twins from different walks of life, and listen to their fascinating stories about life growing up as a twin”.

During the twin visit, our team carry out all the tests, including collecting physical and biological data for the department which is then analysed by the statisticians, post- docs and PhD students, to produce important results.

Administration Team

From left to right: Merve, Mahdi, and Daisy

We thoroughly enjoy speaking to twins to arrange all aspects of the twin visit. We also liaise with different teams within the Department of Twin Research such as the data team and Research nurses and assistants; it enables us to provide an efficient and professional service for the twins who are attending the visit.

Research Laboratory Team

From left to right: Gabriela, Meena, Andrei, Lisa, Hosanna and Sam

The lab team consists of highly skilled laboratory biobank researchers responsible for the collection, processing, logging, storage, and distribution of twin biological specimens to be used in research. These processes have the highest levels of quality control whilst adhering to the latest health and safety guidelines. We have a large repository of samples collected over the past 25 years, including: serum, urine, plasma, DNA, stool, biopsies and hair which are stored in over 30 freezers.

IT and Data team

From left to right: Golboo, Andy, Genevieve and Darioush

The IT & Data team are responsible for all the IT needs of the Department plus all the Department’s data management, including the quality and safeguarding of all qualitative and quantitative data and cohort information that has been collected during the lifespan of TwinsUK.

Operational Management Group (OMG)

Operational Management Group (OMG)
From left to right: Gabriela, Debbie, Darioush and Christel

The OMG, chaired by Dr Debbie Hart, Executive Director of TwinsUK, comprises DTR managers who oversee the clinical, laboratory, admin, IT, and data teams as well as those in charge of finance, collaborations, media and public engagement for TwinsUK. The OMG meet regularly and liaise closely with the Twins Resource Executive Committee (TREC).
The OMG is also responsible for ensuring milestones and deliverables set by funding bodies are met and to provide reporting documents. As well as organising and planning research projects, the OMG also has responsibility for staffing, space, freezer facilities, data storage, dissemination of publicity and overall responsibility for the safe governance and oversight of all the twin volunteers.