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The TwinsUK Sustainability Team meets quarterly to discuss initiatives to improve sustainability at TwinsUK. We work closely with the King’s College London Sustainability Group as part of their Green Impact awards, held annually in the summer term. We are currently working towards our Bronze Award in sustainability.

See our Sustainability Pledge here

The TwinsUK Sustainability Team is led by Rachel Horsfall, Operations Coordinator for Data Linkage at TwinsUK. The teams works to improve the sustainability of TwinsUK and the Department of Twin Research as a whole, as well as embedding a culture of sustainable practice.

We are thrilled that the Department of Twin Research was recently awarded Silver in recognition for our actions to promote sustainability in the department.

Plaque awarding the department of twin research a silver sustainability award



Our Department also has a lab in the Rayne Institute which is also works to improve sustainability in the laboratory environment. This is headed up by Bana Ambasager.

See the lab’s Sustainability Pledge here!

Former Sustainability Champion Lisa Nyamudyambanje was also part of the team that were awarded Bronze for all the labs in the Rayne Institute for 2018!

Fairtrade Fortnight!

Fairtrade Fortnight is taking place from 25 February – 10 March 2019 and this year the focus is on the people – in particular the women – who grow the cocoa in the chocolate we love so much.

Take a look here about how you can get involved.

Sustainability Week at King’s!

11th -15h February is Sustainability Week at King’s. There are lots of events taking place across all campuses throughout the week including

Please see here for the week timetable and here for more information!

Wellbeing Month at King’s

January 2019 is Wellbeing Month at King’s College London.

Wellbeing Week is aiming to raise awareness of the importance of looking after yourself and a range of events and activities are being put on across the month which you can take part in.

Holiday Shut Down

Ahead of the Christmas holidays we are putting into plan a shut down procedure. Below is a helpful poster with what staff will need to do to help carry out the shut down.

Recycling Info for Staff

Following numerous questions from staff about what we can and cannot recycle in our local recycling bins, we have produced the following helpful information. We have displayed this on all our recycling bins.

The Friday Switch Off

To reduce energy use in the department, every Friday we remind staff to switch off their computer and monitor over the weekend, turn off lights and close any open windows.

Soft Plastics Bins

We have put new bins in our staff kitchens for soft plastics. These plastics cannot be recycled in curb side recycling bins but can be taken to larger supermarkets. The TwinsUK Sustainability Team empties these bins.

Below is a list of useful links to resources and information on sustainability.

The King’s  College London sustainability pages have lots of resources and ideas to help improve your sustainability.

Plastic free living on the KCL Sustainability blog by former team member Sarah Bailey

King’s College London recycling guidance

Guidance on recycling soft plastics