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The TwinsUK Resource Executive Committee (TREC) oversees management, data sharing and collaborations involving the TwinsUK registry. This committee, comprising seven staff chaired by the Executive Director of the DTR, meets weekly to discuss proposals for access to share the data, review scientific output and oversee the scientific direction of the Department. They are responsible for the ethical, financial, legal and management decisions surrounding the TwinsUK resource.

TwinsUK also has an External Scientific Advisory Board (ESAB) of academics and Wellcome Trust representatives that offers support and reviews progress annually.

Further governance of the resource is provided by our Volunteer Advisory Panel (VAP), established in 2009 to ensure that the opinions and views of TwinsUK research volunteers are taken on board during the development and running of research programmes at the DTR.

TwinsUK Resource Executive Committee (TREC)