Accessing TwinsUK data/ samples

If you would like to collaborate with the Department of Twin Research and access TwinsUK data and/or samples, please follow the next steps:

  1. Read the DTR Policy Document for data access for necessary background information.
  2. Complete a “Data Access Proposal Form” for consideration by the TwinsUK Research Executive Committee.
  3. Specify the data and/or samples required clearly. Individual variables need to be listed with an appropriate justification describing the aims/hypothesis of your project
  4. Include all phenotypes and potential confounders that you will require for your research and analysis. Subsequent requests for additional data will require you to submit a new Data Access Application

To access the TwinsUK Data/Samples Request Portal, Click Here.

 To see the Data Access application process, Click Here.

Before submission, please note that:

  • Our governance does not allow extensive, untargeted AI data requests and therefore we will not be able to support these applications
  • Projects should be related to health, wellbeing or disease, and we may not be able to support applications outside of this remit
  • No attempt should ever be made to link or combine the data provided to other datasets even if the data has been formally granted to you or it is freely available.
  • Data can only be used for the specific project you are submitting
  • If you wish to use the data for a different project, you will need to request permission from the TwinsUK Research Access Committee.
  • All data requests will incur a cost. See this page for more information.