Publishing TwinsUK data

Any publications such as papers, abstracts, and posters, which have arisen from the project for which data has been granted will need to be sent to the TwinsUK Resource Executive Committee (TREC) for approval, at least 30 days prior to the deadline of submission for papers – with a minimum of 7 working days for abstracts or posters.

We request that the below information is provided:

  • Draft of the final version prior submission of the paper
  • Project tile and reference used to access the data used for the paper
  • Journal the paper is being submitted to
  • Deadline for submission
  • Inform us when a paper is accepted
  • Send a copy of the final published version for our records
  • Ensure that publications follow their research founders open access policies.

All publications arising from the use of TwinsUK data must include the following acknowledgements:
TwinsUK is funded by the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, Versus Arthritis, European Union Horizon 2020, Chronic Disease Research Foundation (CDRF), Zoe Ltd, the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) and Biomedical Research Centre based at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with King’s College London

Authorship on papers should follow standard practice.
All publications should acknowledge the Department of Twin Research but DTR staff members to be included as co-authors when involved in the projects.